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Wedding Party

Chad Hugghins (Best Man)

Chad is my younger brother by 3 years.  We have been blessed to have shared many incredible experiences together.  We  have taken many backpacking trips around the country, worked as carpenters in Colorado, gone on ski trips, wakeboarded all summer, camped at “top of the hill” and played capture the flag all night, hunted, fished, played many one-on-one basketball games, and engaged in plenty of wrestling around the house.  We also have almost the exact same taste in movies and books.

Chad lives all the way across the country in Los Angeles, much to our parents’ dismay, but we still remain close and he knows me better than most anyone else.  I am very blessed to have such a wonderful brother, and I am very excited and proud to have him as my best man.







Matt Choi

Matt and I met in Brooklyn and have lived together, along with Ryan and Phil for the past year and a half.  Matt is one of the most creative and productive people I know.  His work in animation and illustration never ceases to amaze.  In addition, he is loves to serve people and will help out his friends at the drop of a hat.






Phil Williams

I met Phil shortly after moving to Brooklyn, and we quickly became close friends.  I have always felt like Phil and I think a lot alike, and I greatly value our conversations about God, philosophy, math, and life.  Over the years we have served our church and community together and I have seen him grow into an amazing man of God.




Ryan Reid

To know Ryan Reid is to love Ryan Reid.  Ryan and I have shared a bedroom for the past year and a half, which has been a fascinating experiment in the mixing of extroversion and introversion.   He is one of the kindest people I know, and I am constantly blown away by his self discipline and willingness to go out of his way to help people.








David Dishman

I met Dave and his wife Elizabeth when they were still expecting their first son Leif.  Dave has been a great friend, mentor, and camping buddy.  I have learned a lot about Godly community, marriage, and parenting, just by being friends with Dave, Elizabeth, Leif, and Orion.  They are a huge blessing to me.









Josh Hartzell

Josh is Bethany’s older brother and probably the coolest brother-in-law anyone could ask for.  He snowboards, skateboards, brews his own beer, and is generally hilarious.  He’s an amazing uncle to Dylan and James, and I look forward to many years of good times with him.






Brian Vu

Vu and I met in the dorms freshman year at Texas A&M.  We became good friends and had a lot of great times together.  We lived together at the infamous Harrington House for 3 years.  Brian went on to med school and is now working in emergency medicine in Houston.







suzannah hartzell paul
you dont get to pick your sisters, so bethany feels crazy blessed that her sisters are two of her soul mates and very best friends. suzannah is a friend that inspires and challenges bethany. She is a love of and advocate for social justice, peace issues, caring for the earth, caring for the poor & home gardening. (shes sort bethany’s role model). She’s also a wonderful, thoughtful poet and blogger. bethany is inspired by suzannah’s personal integrity & convictions, her marriage, and they way she and jimmy are raising their precious kids. suzannah & bethany can often be found laughing uncontrollably, talking about faith & social issues, attending anti-war rallies, communicating telepathically, treasure hunting or watching teeny bopper media.




tiffany hartzell mannino

tiffany & bethany always joke that they are twins born 12 years apart (almost to the day!). tiffany is also one of strongest and most compassionate women bethany will ever know. she has taught bethany what it looks like to face real trials with honesty, integrity, sincerity, grace and an incredible sense of humor. tiffany is a 6th grade teacher; an interior designer; a fantastic hostess; a fearless traveller; an amazing sister and friend; a red wine aficionado; a justice-seeker; seasoned crafter, and a marshalls/home goods expert. she and bethany love to drink red wine, play board games, incite others to play board games with them, share stories, and laugh until it hurts. someday they will see the mayan ruins of tikal together.







liza minno-bloom
liza and bethany have been friends since infancy, but their friendship was sealed when liza gave bethany a homemade pooh card for her 12th birthday. it was in new york though, that they became sisters. liza and bethany lived together for 3 years in various lofts in bushwick. they are famous for their silly dance “face offs” and bedtime story telling. liza also happens to be one of the most brillant & inspiring women bethany knows. liza is a woman who doesn’t just hold convictions, but lives them out with intentional abandon. she has a heart so big, it could crush this town. she truly is participating in making the world a more just and beautiful place, and bethany is honored to have liza stand beside her. liza is currently pursuing her masters degree in american & women’s studies at the university of new mexico, where she lives in community, with her incredible husband derek.



laura huss
laura and bethany first began laughing together over a dead bunny joke in 8th grade algebra. (as a vegetarian/animal lover, b typically doesnt think dead bunny jokes are funny). laura & bethany were best friends through high school and have only grown closer in their adulthood. they love to take sunday drives, listen to amazing music, talk over good coffee, cook magnificent (or simple) meals, explore new york, road trip and dream together. they are kindred spirits. even though they’ve spend most of their post-high school lives as long distance friends, laura has still somehow managed to throw bethany some of the most thoughtful amazing birthday parties ever.
laura has spent the last 2 years in cape town, south africa studying how to make the world a more just place. she uses her life to improve the lives of others, because that’s the kind of woman she is.







catherine twigg
cat is the most servant-hearted woman bethany knows. she is a caretaker by nature, and has taken such sweet care of bethany’s heart for years. she literally makes bethany a better person. cat and bethany went to nyu together where they got over-involved in leadership of too many student ministry and social justice clubs. they also lived together in the ever-expanding loft in bushwick. they often stayed up all night writing papers in sleep-deprived stupors, only breaking for trips to the deli for more redbull & chocolate muffins. cat lives in budapest, hungary, where she helps create legislation for the rights of the Roma people in developing democracies in eastern europe. (she’s that rad). she also makes the best, most proper cup of english tea you’ll ever try.











natalie broulette
natalie and bethany have been dearest friends since bethany’s freshman year at nyu. natalie is (tied with kylie as) the funniest woman bethany knows. she’s also a brilliant writer, and has an uncanny ability to remember any and all pop-culture trivia. nat is one of the most perceptive, thoughtful, sincere and intentional women out there. in their youth, nat and bethany may have mildly stalked john mayer and jimmy fallon and at one time threw a napoleon dynamite party (a fact they are not proud of today). since then, they have thrown much more fabulous parties. it is also rumored that they are secretly quite incredible interpretive dance partners. bethany is overjoyed that natalie (finally) moved back to new york with her wonderful husband jonah, and is now only a borough away.










kylie fife
kylie is arguably bethany’s weirdest and funniest friend (which in bethany’s book equals perfection). she has a deep and thoughtful soul, a tender heart, creative hands, and an impeccable sense of humor and fashion. as soulmate friends, kylie has so sweetly and intentionally cared for bethany’s heart. and she gets much of the credit for jerod & bethany’s relationship. she was jerod’s biggest advocate when bethany was uncertain, and thank goodness she was persistent in encouraging both bethany and jerod towards each other! kylie and bethany have incredible taste in movies and can quote obscure references with unrivaled ease. they have often been told by strangers that they are funny.






amy reams
when amy smiles, joy radiates out of her. she literally is sunshine on a rainy day. amy and bethany have been friends since nyu, and lived together with natalie & annie, in what can only be described as a glorious year. amy has a radiant, life-giving personality. she introduced bethany to redeemer presbyterian church (thanks!), billy collins, david wilcox and michael bolton. Amy is a designer, a photographer, a precious friend and wonderful wife. she has a beautiful, creative spirit and her enthusiasm is intoxicating. she has seen bethany at her worst and somehow still loves her more. she is soon-to-be an incredible mama, and bethany can’t wait to meet the newest reams! amy lives in san diego with her dear husband paul, and kitty, zucchini.









allison person
allison and bethany have lived together for the past 2.5 years in their sweet (albiet rundown) home in bushwick. allison is a wizard in the kitchen, with the sweet and the savory. she knows the capacity that food has for community building, and uses her powers for so much good. she loves and serves people so intentionally. allison is a master at problem-solving and making the seemingly impossible, possible. she has imagination and sass that macgyver could only dream of. she sees the possibility in everything, with the soul of an artist and a dreamer. also, if you get her laughing, its hard to make her stop and bethany and allison’s laughter often feeds on each other’s until tears are streaming down their faces.










annie gill
annie and bethany became dear friends and roommates at nyu. annie is fantastically funny and sardonic. she and bethany took the shakespeare colloquium together, and spent much of the semester trying to come up with clever shakespearian jokes and insults to use around the house. they could often be found talking to inanimate objects and quoting arrested development or teen girl squad. not much has changed. annie is a beautiful vocalist, a generous friend, an avid reader, and a lover of learning. she spent last year (and the first year of her marriage!) teaching english is madrid, spain and has now returned to the states with her husband anthony, where she teaches english to college freshman and works as a freelance writer in washington dc.




jen boike armerding
jen and bethany became friends at nyu through their college fellowship group, and moved in together to the magical loft in bushwick, with liza and cat. (little did they know at the time, that the loft would expand to house 3 more women). jen is an incredible trained dancer, counselor, speaker of many languages, baker of bread and maker of homemade indian paneer. jen and bethany enjoy long talks over good coffee, farmer’s markets, the spanish language, fairly traded goods, communicating through song, and worship. bethany is thrilled that they are now inhabiting the same coast, as jen and her husband jake just relocated to boston from minneapolis.






lindsay broderick
lindsay and bethany have been friends since they were 6. they met in a supermarket and the rest is history. it was with lindsay that bethany took her first plane ride, and first experienced europe. they became inseparable in 1st grade and have been friends ever since. at the ripe age of 11, they had already made many musical appearances on stage; opened their own breakfast nook, l & b’s cafe; hiked the rockies in utah; saved a whale; and learned to sing the blues. they had an epic childhood. at age 15, they attempted to solve the conflicts in northern ireland and at 16, they came to new york, and it was then that bethany fell in the love with the city that would hold her future. lindsay has been a part of so many of the most life-shaping events in bethany’s life. she is a precious friend, and bethany is honored for her stand beside her. lindsay and her husband pete and son, riley live in reston, va.





stacy brix
unfortunately, stacy cant be in attendance at the wedding because she will be returning from her adventurous honeymoon in thailand (hooray!). bethany’s mom refers to stacy as “your rueben’s angel friend”, and she is just that angelic. stacy and bethany lived together in 2 wonderfully crowded lofts in bushwick. they shared a bed for a season. then they shared a bunk bed, with low overhead, often injuring bethany in the morning. stacy has a true artist’s soul. she is deep and perceptive, thoughtful and creative. talks with her always have substance. stacy has a gentle fierceness to her personality and an adventurous, passionate spirit. she and bethany both know what it’s like to experience and to miss guatemala. she and bethany call each other “my little unicorn” which is something that only makes sense to them. stacy works as a dula in philadelphia, and will be married to the wonderful joel mcIntosh on may 1, 2010.

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